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Domestic sewage

Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

Product introduction
     Integration of sewage treatment plant is mainly used for sewage and similar industrial waste water and sewage, use the process such as pretreatment, biochemical treatment and disinfection, according to the requirements of the different water, using different biochemical treatment method, makes the water meet customers and increasingly strict environmental standards.Membrane bioreactor (MBR) process is an organic combination of membrane separation technology and biological technology of new wastewater treatment technology.
    It using membrane separation device to activated sludge in biochemical reaction tank and macromolecular organic matter intercept live, save the second pond.Activated sludge concentration so greatly improved, hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT) can control respectively, and the refractory materials continuously reaction, degradation in the reactor.Therefore, membrane bioreactor (MBR) process with membrane separation technology greatly strengthened the function of the bioreactor.Compared with the traditional biological treatment method, which is one of the most promising wastewater treatment technology.The combination of membrane bioreactor and A2 / O process, anaerobic, anoxic period in biodegradation of organic matter at the same time to achieve the purpose of nitrogen and phosphorus removal.In accordance with the requirements of the increasingly environmental standards are strictly prohibited.
    The integration of sewage treatment plant can do according to customer requirements or ground placed on the ground.
    Our company for the majority of users with a variety of process integration of sewage treatment plant.
• good oxygen precipitation, the integration of device
• integration of energy-saving type modified A2 / O device
• Membrane bioreactor integration device
Product specification
The MBR integration device specification table

1. The water tank
2. The oxygen pool
3. The membrane separation pool/contact oxidation pool
4. The sludge pool
5. Disinfection tank
6. Clear water reserviors
7. Between devices
Characteristics of the equipment
1. Integration of sewage treatment plant covers an area of small, can be buried, on the surrounding no effect;
2. Integration of sewage treatment plant construction period is short, simple installation and maintenance, maintenance is convenient;
3. The integrated sewage treatment plant without human control, configuration inspection personnel on a regular basis;
4. Integrated sewage treatment plant treatment effect, stable water quality is good wait for a characteristic;
5. Particularly suitable for residential area without city pipe network, developing residential, scattered residential areas.
Scope of application
1. Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals;
2. The residential district, village and town;
3. The station, airport, harbor wharf, ship.
4. The factories, mines, troops, attractions, scenic spots;
5. A similar all kinds of industrial wastewater and sewage.