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Domestic sewage

Inclined-tube sedimentation tank

Product introduction
     Settling basin is in the gravity down except for settlement of the sewage in the solid material (including most of the SS and a small number of BOD5) spate separation device.
    Inclined tube sedimentation tank refers to the precipitation area is equipped with the inclined tube sedimentation tank.
Assembly form has two kinds of inclined pipe and branch pipe.
    In flat flow or vertical sedimentation basin precipitation area using inclined parallel tube or parallel pipeline (and sometimes use honeycomb packing) precipitation divided into a series of shallow layer, by processing and settlement of slime mutual movement in the precipitation of shallow and separation.
    According to the inverse (different) to the flow direction is divided into each other, cocurrent flow separation and lateral flow in three different ways.Between every two pieces of parallel inclined plate (or parallel tube) is equivalent to a shallow tank.
Product specification
Equipment parameter table

Note: 1, Product import and export orientation etc. Can be designed according to user requirements.
1. Water cloth watershed;
2. Separation zone;
3. Water area;
4. The sludge concentration;
5. Equipment adopts carbon steel or stainless steel material.
Characteristics of the equipment
1. The use of the principle of laminar flow, improve the processing capacity of tank;
2. Shortening the distance between the particle sedimentation, thus shortens the sedimentation time;
3. Increase the settling basin precipitation area, so as to improve the processing efficiency.
4. The flow rate than the general tank capacity is 7 to 10 times higher
Scope of application
1. The chemical water treatment;
2. Non-ferrous metals processing wastewater treatment;
3. Sewage treatment;
4. Boiler hydraulic ash wastewater treatment;
5. Industrial wastewater treatment;
6. All kinds of machinery factory production wastewater treatment;
7. Gas station washing water treatment;
8. Food and beverage engineering water treatment.