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Domestic sewage

Activated carbon adsorption device

Product introduction
    Porous properties of activated carbon adsorption is the use of activated carbon, making one or more of the water by adsorption on solid surface and remove harmful substances.The stench of activated carbon adsorption is effective to remove water, natural and synthetic dissolved organic matter, slightly polluted substances and other measures.Most larger organic molecules, such as aromatic compounds, halogenated acetylene can firmly adsorbed on activated carbon on the surface or space, and the humus, synthetic organic matter and low molecular weight organic matter has obvious removal effect.
    Activated carbon adsorption as deep purification process, often used for waste water level at the end of the processing, can also be used for production water and domestic water purification processing.
The activated carbon adsorption device is mainly composed of activated carbon layer and retainer.
Activated carbon has developed the space, large surface area, high adsorption capacity.It is because of the characteristics of activated carbon, it is widely used in the depth of the water treatment.
    Use after a period of time, active carbon adsorption of adsorbate, gradually becoming saturated, lose working ability, serious when will penetrate the filter layer, so should be activated carbon regeneration or replacement.
    Most layer is the main purpose of prevent loss of activated carbon from the equipment, in the water and the backwash of uniform water distribution function.
Product specification

1. The device main body
2. The activated carbon layer

3.Supporting layer 
4. The water distribution device
5. Manhole, discharge outlet and inlet, outlet and drain pipe
Characteristics of the equipment
1. Divided into manual type and automatic type two kinds, structure compact integrated, easy to install and operation and maintenance;
2. The filtration speed is high, large quantity, stable operation, equipment covers an area of less;
3. The filter material sewage large capacity, high porosity, friction resistance, the proportion of moderate.
Scope of application
1. The activated carbon adsorption as deep purification process, often used in level at the end of the treatment of wastewater.
2. The production water purification processing.
3. The domestic water purification processing.
4. The swimming pool water filtration.