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Domestic sewage

Continuous adsorption device

Product introduction
    Adsorption device is advanced water treatment process of the main equipment.Continuous adsorption device mainly consists of cylinder, intake water unit, gas unit, backwashing unit, feeding unit, adsorption bed, water units, through feed unit loading adsorbent for gas bill of lading yuan can be automatically proposed saturation adsorbent, adsorption device of continuous running water out of the water.
    Avoid existing backwashing or replacing saturated adsorbent adsorption must stop not the defects of continuous operation.
    Continuous adsorption system is a continuous adsorption automatic loading and unloading, the adsorption device, national patent product, has the following functions:
• Deodorant--removes the smell caused by phenol, such as oil;
• Removal by all sorts of dyes to color--color or organic pollutants and iron and manganese chroma;
• To remove organic matter--pesticides, aromatic compounds and other hard biodegradable organic matter;
• Removal of heavy metals--mercury, chromium metal ions;
• Removal of synthetic detergent etc;
• Suitable for the depth of the sewage treatment.
Product specification

1. The cylinder
2. The feed water distribution device
3. The gas unit
4. Reverse washing device
5. Adsorbent add device
6.Adsorption bed
7. The water unit
Characteristics of the equipment
1. The processing equipment is mature, reliable, safe, with application examples, the technical support for a patent for invention;
2. The adsorbent automatic feeding, automatic discharging, without manual handling;
3. The physical and chemical treatment method, start to stop at any time, can be intermittent work;
4. The equipment operation is simple, convenient maintenance, without professional operation and maintenance personnel;To adapt to the oily sewage water quality fluctuation, the characteristics of intermittent, stable operation;
5. Sewage treatment equipment is given priority to with steel structure equipment, compact space, rational layout, minimize the investment and operation cost;
6. Using from sewage recycling energy principle, the organic matter enrichment in the adsorbent in wastewater and improve the combustion heat value of adsorbent.
7. Using fixed bed adsorption, adsorption effect, and the filtering effect.
Scope of application
1. The biochemical method difficult to degradation of organic waste water;
2. The depth of the all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment;
3. General oxidation method is difficult to oxidation of soluble organic matter;
4. The difficulty of wastewater treatment.