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Industrial waste

Screenings Compactor

Product introduction
    Grid slag compactor is conveying and extrusion grid slag in sewage treatment process integration equipment, convey the grille remove slag compaction, get rid of grid residue in the water to reduce the volume of grid residue, after discharge into slag bucket or garbage trucks, is advantageous for the grid sinotrans disposal of slag.
    Grid slag compaction machine has two processing area: dehydration area, compaction area.
    Dehydration: residue through perforated plate groove, complete and efficient dehydration.
    Out of the water to the sewage treatment system, and further processing.
    Compaction area: loose particles in compaction area will be squeezed, the volume can be reduced by 70%.The discharge pipe emissions.
Product specification
Grid slag compaction machine specification table

Note: 1、the above processing capacity for reference, according to different materials, different capacity.
          2、product processing and press parameters such as height, length can be designed according to user requirements.
1. The feed hopper
2. Squeezing screw
3. The spiral tube
4. The discharge pipe
5. Drive
Characteristics of the equipment
1. Can be customized according to customer's actual size.
2. Seiko quality: metal parts with high precision by a laser processing;
3. No secondary pollution, in addition to the in and out of the mouth open, the rest all but closed, slag corrupt, smell will not overflow, reduce secondary pollution;
4. Simple operation and management, low energy consumption;
5. Grid slag compaction forming good;
6. Maintenance: maintenance personnel without professional training, without special tools maintenance;
7. Long service life of products: 304 or 316 stainless steel body parts.
Scope of application
1. The city sewage plant
2. Industrial waste water station