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Domestic sewage

Floating jaw type oil skimmer

Product introduction
    Oil skimmer has been extensively applied in disposal of light substances on skimming off the liquid surface. Oil skimmers currently in use have such drawbacks that the oil level height to be skimmed is difficult to be adjusted, skimming distance is short, skimming scope is constrained, efficiency is low and stoste is high.
    YQ-FOS series floating oil skimmer thoroughly addresses such issues that it can’t skim off liquid scum in a large range, is less prone to control flow amount and skim off liquid level height. The oil skimmer can collect scrum on the surface of the liquid and control oil slimming liquid height by controlling output flow of oil simmer. It is stable in operation.
    YQ-FOS series floating oil simmer adopts double-wier-plate independent and adjustable structure. The length of the wire plate is not subject to any restriction. It can reduce over 50% of stoste discharge when compared with that of traditional oil skimmer.
    Floating oil skimmer device is installed with acceleration channel for surface liquid that separate the liquid surface into several speedy flowing channels, make scant emulsion of scrum collected and attain effective effects of skimming oil. The floating oil skimmer can be timely switched on and off along with flotation of liquid. It can attain online oil skimming.
    YQ-FOS series floating oil simmer mainly consists of floatingwire plate, main body and oriented limit frame. The floating weir plate consists of several turning plates for inlet entrance and is supported by central float bowl. Its main body adopts stainless steel plate to be welded. The equipment is controlled of its freedom by oriented limitation shelf. Outer float bowl provides buoyancy that is floating along with liquid level.
Product specification
1. Pump type
2. Single weir type
3. Double weir type
1. Stainless steel floating weir plate
2. Stainless steel main body
3. Stainless steel inner floating barrel
4. Stainless steel outer floating barrel
5. Stainless steel oriented limited shelf
Characteristics of the equipment
1. Thickness of oil containing can be automatically adjusted: thickness of oil containing can be automatically adjusted along with oil receiving throughput. Waste oil is low in water;
2. Scope of oil recovery rate is wide: oil receiving amount is 0.01-160 tons per hour;
3. Convenient for use: installation and debugging of oil receiver is convenient and simple with a wide range. The distance between crest of weir to the liquid face is adjusted by ±20~30 millimeters while the rest work is done automatically by the oil receiver.
4. Durable material: all the materials can ensure operation without hindrance and at a long duration in all temperatures.
5. Strong applicability: fluctuation of storm has small impacts on oil receiving. Think oil level with the thickness of a paper can be precisely and automatically adjusted and collected;
6. Ground pump and under-water pump can be configured. Automatic flow means can be in use.
Scope of application
1. metallurgical industry
2. Machinery factory
3. Oil field
4. Minerals
5. Metal processing industry
6. Parts cleaning machine
7. Heat treatment system
8. Terminal
9. Harbour


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