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Domestic sewage

Vortex air flotation

Product introduction
    Eddy concave Air Flotation (CAF, Cavitation Air Flotation) using vortex concave Air Flotation machine, in motor driven by high-speed rotating impeller, form a negative pressure suction Air under cover, the holes into the, the waste water by the cover under the agitation of the impeller, shattered into tiny Air bubbles, and mix with water into water vapor mixture after rectifying plate steady flow, vertical rise steadily in pool, Air Flotation.The bubble formation continues to be slow rotating scraper scrape out the groove.

Product specification
Eddy concave floating specification parameters

1. The floating box body
2. The scraping the slag device
3. The aeration device
4. The mud device
5. Platform ladder
6. Electric control device
Characteristics of the equipment
1, The slightest noise.
2, Do not need air compressor, high pressure circulating pump.
3, Equipment, integral sex is good, easy to install, easy to operate.
4, Low power consumption, save operating cost 40% to 90%.
5, Don't need to pressure vessel, mixer, spray nozzle.
6, Gas float and precipitation, and has the function of aerobic treatment.
7, To the water, the change of water quality has a strong adaptability.
Scope of application
1. The oil extraction, oil refining, chemical industry, machinery processing, transport, transport, food processing, iron and steel industries of oily wastewater treatment.
2. Paper, waste water treatment to remove SS and recycled fiber in papermaking process.
3. Dairy products, slaughtering, seafood and meat processing, leather and other industry waste water, oil and protein with high concentration are removed.
4. Settling sludge concentration of poor performance.